Historic Places in Doha Qatar

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    Al Wakrah Museum

    Located in Al Wakrah town, 17kms from the capital, here visitors can enjoy the display of marine life and natural history materials.  Al Wakra Museum, Qatar is located in the middle of Doha and Umm Said. The city was originally a small fishing town. Today it is one of the most famous tourists spot in […]

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    Al Khor Museum

    Located in Al Khor city, 57 km north of Doha facing the seafront, the museum is a double storey building, with ground floor set to display anthropological life, while the upper floor displays excavation discoveries in the area.

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    Qatar National Museum

    Qatar National Museum is located at the eastern end of the Corniche in a former royal palace. Besides the collection of Islamic relics and artifacts, the museum displays the geological history of Qatar. Offering a visit to former residence of Sheikhs, the museum displays also abundant varieties of fishes in Qatar and a small lagoon […]